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Blisspack Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in OEM cosmetic production, packing containers and packaging machinery. Established in 2002 with management aims for the best product, highest level of customer satisfaction and to be a global leading company, we independently developed the blister product for cosmetics and its production system, a first for Korea. We have been supplying the domestic market exclusively and exporting to overseas markets, including Japan, since 2005.
Since the construction of a blister product production system in China in 2013, our business has progressed successfully, and we are planning to enter the markets in Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the USA. Not being satisfied with the successful results and performance so far, we are expanding the business

to new packaging containers and production equipment in not only the cosmetic area but also food, pharmaceutical and industrial product areas based on the successful performances and know-how in the research and development so far. We have achieved it with the support of many customers and related cooperative firms. We would like to express our appreciation to all of you.

Especially, we are not saving on R&D and continue to invest to achieve future growth power and market dominance through the development of food, pharmaceutical and industrial product packaging equipment, new eco-friendly packaging containers and eco-friendly materials and products.

In the future, we will be the company leading the future world markets and providing the best products and service by coping with the rapid progress in technology innovation in many industrial areas and the associated market needs as well as the change in the management environment, actively supplying the best product through the constant R&D and equipment investment as well as having employees focused on the strengthening of quality management to ensure customer satisfaction.