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Technology of Blisspack title
Technology of Blisspack
블리스팩의 기술 리스트
Filling technology - Filling contents with viscosity of 1–100,000cps
- filling 6 different contents with 12 nozzles at one stage
- heated solution filling of wax type product
- filling powder product
Opening technology - Break off type : Opening is broken off to open.
- Peel off type : Lid film is peeled off to open.
- Tear off type : Part of opening is torn off to open.
Printing technology - Forming sheet printing : Gravure printing and transfer printing (0.2–0.8mm of sheet thickness)
- Lid film printing (Surface printing): UV printing and gravure printing by using resin plate
Film technology - Lid film for easy peel: Peel opening products are applied.
- Micromachining lid film: Tear opening products are applied.

Open method

  • 꺽음형 이미지

    Peel off

  • 벗김형 이미지


  • 꺽음형 이미지

    Break-off & Peel off

  • 찢음형 이미지

    Tear off

lister Automatic Packaging System title
Blister Automatic Packaging System
lister Automatic Packaging System list
Fully Automatic Blister Filling and Packaging System

Blister packaging system developed with an independent technology in individual unit drive method (Patent 10-0585235),
Forming film is printed in advance, and container is formed in accordance with the print,
Half slit technology for break-off opening product,
12 nozzle filling at the same stage

Molding technology

Heat sealing & cutting mold technology,
Cutting system using wooden pattern is selected,
Low mold cost: Shortening of mold manufacturing period up to 1/5 – 1/10 level against competitive companies (within 3 weeks)